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Friesland, your ultimate congress destination

When it comes to organizing a convention that stands out, Friesland offers an experience that is both uniquely unconventional and unforgettable. Our dedicated team is committed to facilitating the entire process, from providing bespoke advice to assisting with site inspections, managing bid book procedures, and connecting you with an extensive network of relevant partners.

Leave a lasting impression

In considering Friesland for your next convention, you are not only choosing a location but also an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Let us help you make your next event not just successful, but truly extraordinary.

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Seeking to elevate your upcoming congress? Get in contact with Hendrina Zijlstra to discover the array of opportunities awaiting in Friesland. Benefit from our extensive network of partners, distinctive venues and our leading sectors. Let us guide you through the planning process with expertise and tailored support.

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Leading sectors in Friesland

Why Choose Friesland for Your Next Convention?

Friesland is not just a location; it's a hub of innovation and culture that has earned international recognition. As the Capital of Water Technology, Friesland is at the forefront of sustainable solutions. Our region's dedication to innovation is also evident in the dairy industry and biodiversity advancements, striving to become the most circular region in Europe by 2025.

The Highlights of Friesland in 2025



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Are you in the process of selecting the ideal location for your next congress? Let Hendrina Zijlstra guide you through a seamless planning experience. Friesland offers a wealth of opportunities, with its unique venues and vibrant sectors leading the way. Leverage our extensive network of partners to ensure your event stands out.

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