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Friesland Convention Partners present at WTC Business Club Event

A particularly interesting day was organized during which we, as involved partners of WTC Leeuwarden, got a look at what makes our province so special: the expertise in the field of water technology. The tour took place at the WaterCampus where the research center of our partner Wetsus is located. Here research is conducted on innovative solutions that contribute significantly to combating global water problems. We were shown how hydrogen is made and can be used as the sustainable energy source of the future. Thereafter, we were welcomed to Water Application Centre (WAC) research laboratory where companies, knowledge institutions and industry can conduct or commission water technology experiments. Finally, Jos van Dalfsen of Wafilin Systems B.V. then introduced us to the world of Membrane Technology.

It was a great introduction and we look forward to meeting the Water Alliance delegation again at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas January 5-8! Once again, the water campus-based Hydraloop Systems will also be present at the CES to secure some fantastic prizes here just like in 2020.