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Why Friesland for your business event or conference?

Friesland is a distinctive destination, with unique qualities, for organizing multi-day events and conferences. Many of the qualities are self-evident for the Frisians, but are underexposed to the outside world. These special features make this northern province extra attractive for (inter)national conferences and symposia.

Top 5 Frisian qualities

1. World famous for its various areas of expertise (water technology, sustainable agriculture and circularity)
Friesland is known for its top sectors and areas of expertise. Friesland is a European leader in water technology. As a result, there is a lot of interest from other countries in the exclusive solutions that are devised by the various companies and knowledge institutions. Friesland also has sustainable ambitions and partnerships in the agricultural sector and in the field of circularity. Due to the many (specialist) companies, this is the ultimate destination to exchange knowledge and find sustainable solutions together.

2. The largest province in the Netherlands and unique in its kind
The province has an area of 5,748.74 km2. In addition, the Frisian landscape is surprising, it consists of 7 different landscapes and includes Unesco World Heritage The Wadden Sea. Together with the Frisian Wadden Islands, this province offers a unique place for conferences and symposia. Because of these different landscapes, the flora and fauna is very diverse and offers different perspectives for research in the field of ecology, climate mitigation and adaptation.

3. Accessibility
Good accessibility is very important for (inter)national visits. The province is 90 minutes away from an international airport: Amsterdam Schiphol. Eelde airport is even closer. Both with good, frequent connections to other airports. From the airports there is a direct connection to Friesland by public transport (bus and train), in addition there are good train connections to and from various major European cities. Furthermore, the infrastructure in Friesland is superb, you will not encounter traffic jams here and you can get from one side of the province to the other in half an hour.

4. Conference locations and infrastructure
In Friesland you will find dozens of professional conference locations such as WTC Expo Leeuwarden and hundreds of locations to stay overnight and dine as a group; from 5-star properties to great budget options. For example, organizing a large conference can be done in one location in the WTC, where the program can take place, the trade fair can be organized and the participants can spend the night in the Westcord WTC Hotel. Due to the short distances within the province, the social program can easily take place and be given a creative approach. In addition, we are also specialists in combining locations such as the Harmonie with the Neushoorn, Pathé and the Fries Museum or the Abe Lenstra Stadium together with Sportstad Heerenveen. For example, it is possible to facilitate large groups and each program can be adapted so that participants can attend the entire program within walking distance, but it is not organized in a traditional conference center.

5. Internationally oriented
Friesland is internationally known as a tolerant, politically stable place. The vast majority of the population, and our cooperation partners, are proficient in the English language. In addition, Friesland has professional conference organizers. You can rely on us during the organization of your conference. A notable feature; Friesland is well known among international students. A link can be made here with many internationally oriented companies such as Wetsus and the Dairy Campus and the collaboration between WTC Leeuwarden and WTC Las Vegas.

Leading sectors of Friesland


From the Randstad it is often thought that Friesland is at the end of the world, but nothing could be further from the truth. Friesland is located in the northwest of the Netherlands and can be reached in various ways, by air, water, rail or road. From Amsterdam it is just over an hour's drive before you are in Friesland. In addition, the 11 cities can be reached quickly by car and public transport. In Friesland it is exceptional to encounter a traffic jam, so you can get there quickly and easily.

60 minutes away from Eelde Airport
60 minutes to travel through Friesland
90 minutes away from Amsterdam
90 minutes away from Schiphol

If you want to reach other major cities in the country, you can take the train. It also has a connection to major European cities such as Brussels, London, Paris or Luxembourg.

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